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Christian Brage


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The funkband "Grump Junction" Roskilde, Denmark, once...

Christian Brage's first experience with music was in a rock band, where, as a schoolboy, he played the drums. In time, and with his studying of singing, it gradually became a profession. For a while his life was a mad mixture of jazz, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, dance music, musicals, operetta, lieder and opera, until his singing teacher finally declared that he was ready to fly. In other words, start auditioning. He then parked the drum sticks -- temporarily, anyway -- and concentrated on singing.

Christian spent several years in both The National Danish Radio Choir and, simultaneously, working with the Jutland Opera Chorus in Aarhus. Also during this time, he worked as a concert soloist while also doing a musical or opera role now and then.

In 2003 he moved to Malmö, Sweden and started immediately to work with the opera houses in both Malmö and Gothenburg. In 2006 he handed in his resignation to the Danish Radio Choir and has been freelancing since then, mostly in Sweden.

In 2009 he was involved in the forming of the soloist ensemble Eustars, a vision of the Swedish bass-baritone Per-Anders Hedlund.

"Dead Man Walking" Malmö Opera and Music Theatre 2007


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